March 28, 2013

Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

End of tenancy cleaning is quiet an unlike word for the tenants, and it becomes almost hateful for those tenants who are about to move out from their rented properties and they are required to vacate the property only after making it squeaky clean and pristine as it was when the tenants moved in the property. People often become frantic when they learn that they have to clean the property before they shift elsewhere, but nothing can be done, because as per the tenancy agreement, they are bound to do that.

Some tenants agree on carrying out end of tenancy cleaning themselves while some tenants hire professional end of tenancy cleaners to make it easier for them to move out from the property. But in both the cases they are required to prepare an end of tenancy cleaning checklist, it is a list in which all the cleaning jobs are written, what is to be done and where it is to be done etc.

End of tenancy cleaning checklist is divided on the basis of areas in the property and then under those areas the cleaning jobs are written like what is to be done etc. List includes following areas mostly, Kitchen, Bathroom, General, Bedroom. When a tenants is carrying out end of tenancy cleaning on its own, he or she doesnt mostly require an extensive checklist an general checklist works for them, because they know the inside out of the property and they can do the cleaning well with that knowledge, but when professional cleaners are hired for end of tenancy cleaning, they usually bring their own extensive checklist and then the tenant can see if the checklist needs any additions or subtractions in it. When the end of tenancy cleaning checklist is finalized by the tenant, the cleaners starts working on the property according to the checklist.

If we look at the jobs written under the different areas of the property in the checklist, they are somewhat like this:


  • Clean the grease that has build up in the oven and polish the outer surface of the oven.
  • Defrost the freezer and clean it from the inside and outside and also clean the fridge
  • Polish the kitchen counters and varnish the cupboards and drawers from inside and outside
  • Thoroughly wash the kitchen sink and taps, and remove any lime scale that is disinfecting kitchen worktops.
  • Clean the kitchen windows and clean the chimney above the cooking range.
  • Dispose off any stale food items from the fridge cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean the dishwasher and dry it properly
  • Clean microwave properly from inside and out.
  • Remove grime from extractor and clean it.
  • Clean up all the dustbins.


  • Disinfect the toilet and properly sanitize the toilet seat.
  • Remove any bottles of shampoos and conditioners that are taking up extra space.
  • Clean and de-scale all the bath tubs, faucets, basin properly.
  • Clean the tile flooring by scrubbing and polishing them.
  • Clean the mirrors properly.
  • Clean any fixture or fitting in the bathroom and throw useless stuff.
  • Empty and clean the washing machine.


  • Clean the switch boards and remove any stains on them thoroughly.
  • Dusting skirting boards.
  • Floors beneath the bed and other furniture is to be cleaned
  • Mattresses are to be turned upside down and vacuumed properly.
  • Upholstery is properly vacuumed and cushions are lifted and properly cleaned.
  • Varnish any wooden furniture to return the shine of it.
  • Clean the windows and window panes properly.
  • Clean the door knobs.
  • Remove any cobweb hanging in the bedroom or anywhere.
  • Make the mirrors shine.
  • Clean all the drawers and empty them from all unnecessary items.

Living Room:

  • Clean the carpets and make them soft and shiny
  • Clean all the ceilings from cobwebs
  • Varnish all the furniture including television trolley and center table.
  • Clean all the fancy objects like statues and paintings carefully.
  • Wipe and remove finger prints from switchboards and sockets
  • Vacuum all the sofa sets properly until they are squeaky clean
  • Clean all the electronic items present in the room carefully.


  • Clean all the dustbins and take away all the garbage away from the property.
  • Clean the main entrance door and the entrance mat.

Advantage of preparing end of tenancy cleaning checklist is, that when cleaners are working they know what area is given to them in the property and what things are to be cleaned there, if they are not made clear about their jobs then they cannot carry the end of tenancy cleaning effectively, this way if cleaners are divided the risk of other team taking over other team and doing the same job again is minimized to a great extent. So this is the benefit of preparing end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

If the cleaners or the tenants have the end of tenancy checklist then it may help them achieve the cleaning standard they want. Having a checklist makes it quiet easier for the clients to convey their ideas to the cleaners they hire . If clients have some wishes and requirements they can then prepare a set list, and it will make them have a clear idea about what guidelines the cleaning agency is offering.
When you have an end of tenancy checklist it not only helps the client but also the cleaners earn the advantage. In the end id there is an end of tenancy cleaning list prepared then it would become easier for both the parties to make the property squeaky clean and shiny without going through much trouble at all.

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